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Large Nozzle 

MX616 & MX632
CNC  Machined Brass

1/16" Large brass nozzle.

For high volume dispensing.

1/32" Small brass nozzle

for small discreet injection hole


$5.99 each,  Free USA Shipping

Small Nozzle 

Max Glue Injector

Included: 1 small 1/32"  and 1 large 1/16"  CNC machined solid brass nozzle.

$25.95 each

Free 2 day USA Shipping

Fill Nozzle for Titebond Glue Bottles

$6.00  for 2

Free USA Shipping

LINK to our AMAZON Listing

Guaranteed For Life

When you purchase a Max Glue Injector product we take care of you for life.

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